Sorry again for the delay in the results. We thought we had a solid timing strategy this go around, but an unanticipated situation led to some confusion with the stopwatch…3 people touched the wall in very close sequence near the 800m mark, but only one of them was finished. So we had 2 extra splits to sort out.

Anyways, the results are in and verified now:

Jeff Howells 11:49
Jonathan Gunther 13:24
Brian Simmons 13:25
Ashley Ard 13:48
Justin Turner 13:50
BE Smith 14:48
Jack Ward 14:50
Samuel Norton 16:22
Derek Ellis 16:29
Katrina Patrick 17:02
Michael Martinez 17:31
Jeff Gaydos 18:32
W.T. Sinclair 19:38
Justin Dunn 19:42
Amy Green 20:10
David Hamm 20:22

Interestingly, one swimmer’s Garmin measured the distance as 950m!