Numero Two time trial is in the books. The only concern with the weather was the 20-24 mph winds coming out of the south-southeast on an east-west course. As I told the riders: “You will suffer on the way out but you won’t suffer as much on the way back…however, you WILL suffer!” I’m not sure they believed me.

As usual, Mike Cook was there to handle holds and timing but we had a couple of new faces. Jeff Wellborn ably handled the turnaround and he must have done well since everyone returned as they were supposed to. Jonnene Moore expertly put together the start list and worked the math for the finishers’ times (better her than letting this art major do it). Thanks to you all.

Ten days after Ironman Texas, Jason Sanders came out to see what he had left in his legs and it was enough to take the overall in our humble little event. Fellow IM Texas racer Marty Regan took fourth. Looks like our normal gang of really fast riders couldn’t make it out.

Here’s the results of the riders’ who braved the winds or something like that. Distance: 7.35 miles out-and-back.

1. Jason Sanders, 17:02 (25.89 mph)
2. Brent Turner, 17:08 (25.73 mph)
3. Gary Todd, 17:47 (24.79 mph)
4. Marty Regan, 18:14 (24.18 mph)
5. Billy Hudson, 18:22 (24.01 mph)
6. Tony Thorton, 19:26 (22.69 mph)
7. Alec Zwiaska, 19:40 (22.42 mph)
8. Reggie Evans, 19:50 (22.23 mph)
9. John Whitten, 19:55 (22.14 mph)
10. Doug Collier, 20:20 (21.69 mph)
11. Kelsy Regan, 20:34 (21.44 mph)
12. Scott Rothell, 20:35 (21.42 mph)
13. Shelby Townsend, 21:19 (20.68 mph)
14. David Camp, 21:34 (20.44 mph)
15. Clyde Matthews, 21:56 (20.11 mph)
16. Dorie LaRue, 23:31 (18.75 mph)
17. Jay Schott, 26:10 (16.85 mph)
18. Susan Zwiaska, 26:26 (16.68 mph)*

*Susan’s due date is June 11th! Time Trial #3 is June 12th…maybe she’ll wait?

Time Trial #3 is Wednesday, June 12th, and is “Eddy Merckx Night”. The only rules are that your bike cannot have aerobars (at all) and solid disc wheels. Everything else goes (I’m not going to bother measuring rim depth). Outside of weather this will be the first real challenge of the series. Come do it!

See you there!