The heat has arrived in north Louisiana. I know it because I felt dizzy when I finally got back into the truck after the time trial was over.

We’re halfway through the Michael Simpson Crossroads Time Trial Series with ride #3 in the books tonight. It was unique because it was “Eddy Merckx Night” or “Retro Ride Night” or something. I made the rules simple: NO aerobars and NO solid disc wheels. Everything else was fair game but you had to be on a standard road bike. I didn’t care about aero wheels (no discs) or TT helmets.

I was pleased to see that EVERYONE went faster than I thought they would. Of course, without a TT setup everyone was slower than usual but there were no slouches out there. We had a smaller group but that’s okay. It gave everyone a new appreciation of how a road bike setup and a TT bike setup differ in performance over the same course. Many of our stud hosses didn’t show up…too bad.

So, here’s the results. Temp was 92 degrees with 150% humidity, wind SSW at 9 mph (officially). 7.35 mile out-and-back course.

1. Josh Hudson, 18:03 (24.43 mph average)
2. Jason Sanders, 18:11 (24.25 mph)
3. Brent Turner, 18:26 (23.92 mph)
4. Taylor Hanegan, 18:42 (23.58 mph)
5. Gary Todd, 18:58 (23.25 mph)
6. Scott Gurganus, 19:00 (23.21 mph)
7. Tony Bouso, 19:15 (22.90 mph)
8. Conner Scripture, 19:56 (22.12 mph)
9. Doug Collier, 21:05 (20.91 mph)
10. Tim Goeders, 21:42 (20.32 mph)
11. Shelby Townsend, 22:02 (20.02 mph)
12. Clyde Matthews, 22:17 (19.79 mph)
13. Steve Tabler, 22:40 (19.46 mph)

TT #4 will be in two weeks on Wednesday, June 26th. We’re back to the regular time trial bikes again. See you there!