It’s getting hot outside….heat index was 102 for our time trial but it didn’t feel that hot. Oh, it felt hot alright, just not THAT hot. Of course, once it’s over 95 degrees does it really matter anymore?

Thanks to Mike Cook and Jonnene Moore for helping out, as always. If Mike ever tells you that he can hold you and your bike upright, he ain’t lying. He’s the best holder-upper in north Louisiana in terms of experience!

Tim Fitzgerald made his return to the TT course after two years a good one. Sixteen months after getting smacked hard by a car he was back seeing what he could do on his new Ridley. After what he’s been through, an 18:16 looked better to him than all those times when he used to be about two minutes faster. I think I understand.

Here are the results. Small crowd but really good efforts out there tonight.

1. Josh Hudson, 16:24 (26.89 mph average)
2. Jason Sanders, 17:00 (25.94 mph)
3. Gary Todd, 17:52 (24.68 mph)
4. Taylor Hanegan, 18:15 (24.16 mph)
5. Tim Fitzgerald, 18:16 (24.14 mph)
6. Todd Scherm, 18:26 (23.92 mph)
7. Conner Scripture, 18:28 (23.88 mph)
8. Elodie Burlet, 18:33 (23.77 mph)
9. John Michael Callen, 19:08 (23.04 mph)
10. John Whitten, 19:38 (22.46 mph)
11. Doug Collier, 20:48 (21.20 mph)
12. Shelby Townsend, 21:00 (21.00 mph)
13. W. T. Sinclair, 21:14 (20.77 mph)
14. Clyde Matthews, 21:26 (20.58 mph)

Thanks to everyone for coming out and sweating massive quantities!

In two weeks…July 10th…will be our first ever 2-man team time trial. You’ll need a buddy to ride with you, trading pulls, and time is taken on the second rider across the line. This should be very interesting. You can have 2-man teams, man-woman teams, and 2-woman teams. It don’t matter. See you out there!