Well, we made the news…sorta. The Times sent out a photographer to capture forever our first 2-man time trial event (thanks in part to an idea stolen from Kenny Bellau of New Orleans, a town). It was fun and an interesting experience for the riders, five of whom were newbies to the TT course. Here’s the LINK to the photos. Hope the link works!

Tony Bouso blew a front tire just 2-3 minutes into the ride and his partner, B.E. Smith, looked back and decided that since Tony wasn’t going anywhere he would continue his ride and get a workout in. He finished in 18:54. Tony, catching a ride in Mike’s car, finished in 25:56. Yes, we actually timed him riding in a car. It’s not official but it gave me a reason to hit the stop button on the stopwatch.

We’ll try this again next year and hope for a bigger turnout. Many thanks to Mike Cook and Andy Chocha for their help in timing and being holders for the riders.

Results now…temp was 97 degrees with a heat index of 104 and winds out of the SSW at 6 mph (I doubt that…much slower).

1. Jason Sanders and Whitt Somerall, 17:04 (25.83 mph)
2. Connor Scripture and John Scripture, 17:55 (24.61 mph)
3. Michael Martinez and Mason McGee, 18:36 (23.70 mph)
4. Shelby Townsend and Reggie Evans, 19:55 (22.14 mph)
5. Katrina Patrick and Jonathan Colgin, 21:34 (20.45 mph)
6. Tony Bouso and B. E. Smith, DNF

The last time trial of the series is two weeks from tonight on Wednesday, July 24th. One-at-a-time going fast. It’s the last chance for the triathletes to test their bike for the River Cities Triathlon under race conditions. If it’s gonna break, break it on the 24th…not on August 4th!