We’re done for 2013! The sixth and final Michael Simpson Crossroads TT session is over and we had a great turnout although there were a few faces missing that I was hoping to show. Not to worry, they’ll be back. They always come back. A thundershower rolled through about three hours before but by the time everyone showed up the road was practically dry. Hardly any wind and the temps were tempered a bit by the earlier rainstorm.

Several interesting tidbits from tonight’s event:

– Nearly the entire Keen family showed up to take their first shots at the TT course. Patrick brought daughter Ashton and sons Luke and Reed as part of their preparation for the River Cities Triathlon in another week.
– Tim Perry came over from Monroe to make an appearance. We enjoy seeing him and he’s still fast.
– Tanya Tingle must have found a hole in her church choir schedule and came out to take her rightful place as the turnaround marshal. If you need a turnaround marshal, call her. She’s the best.
– Long lost native son Matt Miller was down from Kentucky to visit. Though he didn’t ride, he did help us at the start line and manning the second stopwatch.
– At the last minute I decided to do the 5-second countdown in French for Elodie Burlet. I totally butchered it and hope that she’ll forgive me.

Here’s the results from tonight’s little ride, distance of 7.35 miles, out-and-back:

1. Andy Chocha, 15:22 (28.69 mph)
2. Josh Hudson, 15:53 (27.76 mph)
3. Tim Perry, 16:17 (27.08 mph)
4. Scott Gurganus, 17:32 (25.15 mph)
5. Gary Todd, 17:33 (25.12 mph)
6. Connor Scripture, 17:37 (25.03 mph)
7. Tim Fitzgerald, 18:20 (24.05 mph)
8. Elodie Burlet, 18:23 (23.99 mph)
9. John Scripture, 18:24 (23.96 mph)
10. Jason Sanders, 18:37 (23.68 mph)
11. J. P. Bullock, 18:45 (23.52 mph)
12. Luke Keen, 19:21 (22.79 mph)
13. Reed Keen, 19:52 (22.19 mph)
14. Clyde Matthews, 20:01 (22.03 mph)
15. Sheryl Webb, 20:22 (21.65 mph)
16. Scott Martin, 20:24 (21.61 mph)
17. W.T. Sinclair, 20:54 (21.10 mph)
18. Shelby Townsend, 21:10 (20.83 mph)
19. Dorie Larue, 21:11 (20.81 mph)
20. Steve Tabler, 21:45 (20.27 mph)
21. Patrick Keen, 21:56 (20.10 mph)
22. Jeanna Martin, 22:46 (19.37 mph)
23. Ashton Keen, 24:13 (18.21 mph)

As always, many thanks to Mike Cook for not dropping any riders at the start line and keeping track of the times for me. There have been a few other folks who’ve helped out one or two other times and I thank them, too. And, always, thanks to the riders who come out to give it a go and be a part of long cycling tradition and history in Shreveport.

See you next year!