The last time we did this was three weeks ago and I was wearing a hoodie. Mike was wearing a jacket. The riders were wearing arm warmers and some had leg warmers. It was rather cold.

But not tonight. Officially it’s not summer but we got a heady taste of it. Yeah, it was hot….finally…I mean, we’re into June, y’know?

Next Wednesday we’ll be back to the regular schedule with Run #3. It will be the Eddy Merckx “Old School” Time Trial. That means no aero equipment for those daring souls who want to give it a try the way they used to. No aero helmets, no aerobars, no aero wheels…in other words, your basic road bike. Now, if you don’t have non-aero stuff, that’s okay, we’ll still time you and list you so come on out anyway. We’ll see you there!

Tonight’s results of the postponed Run #2:

1. Jason Weinland, 16:03 (27.47 mph average)*
2. Josh Hudson, 16:22 (26.94 mph)
3. Whit Somerall, 16:47 (26.27 mph)
4. Jack Ditt, 17:10 (25.69 mph)
5. Gary Todd, 17:39 (24.98 mph)
6. Marty Regan, 18:04 (24.41 mph)
7. Reggie Evans, 19:14 (22.92 mph)**
8. Selina Lyle, 20:16 (21.75 mph)
9. Jim Balfe, 20:19 (21.71 mph)
10. Haden Bernard, 20:37 (21.39 mph)
11. Nicole Nuccio, 20:55 (21.08 mph)
12. Troy Morgan, 21:04 (20.93 mph)

* Rode off the road at the turnaround. Ooookay….
** Fell off his bike at the turnaround and still was 30 seconds faster than the last time…what?

What was the deal at the turnaround tonight?

See you next Wednesday!!!