Well, we finished the sixth and last of the Michael Simpson Crossroads Time Trial Series for 2014. We had six runs over a three month period and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as best as they could. Maybe we’ll do an encore run if the demand is great enough. In the meantime let’s do it again next year.

Here’s the results:

1. Mat Davis, 15:17 (28.85 mph average speed)
2. Jack Ditt, 17:09 (25.71 mph)
3. JP Bullock, 17:41 (24.93 mph)
4. Tim Fitzgerald, 18:05 (24.38 mph)
5. Todd Scherm, 18:34 (23.75 mph)
6. Reed Keen, 19:01 (23.19 mph)
7. Reggie Evans, 19:16 (22.89 mph)
8. Jim Balfe, 19:22 (22.77 mph)
9. Scott Martin, 19:45 (22.33 mph)
10. Scott Rothell, 20:29 (21.53 mph)
11. Tony Thorton, 21:09 (20.85 mph)
12. Mark Ernest, 21:38 (20.38 mph)
13. Jeanie Martin, 22:59 (19.18 mph)

It was a good series this year. We had our first para-cycling participant, a new women’s record set, and some new faces taking on something that was different for most of them. Like I said, let’s do it again next year! Might have our first 2-man team time trial plus a couple of other surprises. See ya then.