We increased the distance to 800m this week to help prepare folks for the River Cities Triathlon swim in less than three weeks.  The water was incredibly warm and undoubtedly taxed performances (sounds a lot like Cypress Lake on race day).

The following individuals tested themselves versus the clock:

  1. Jeff Howells 12:29
  2. Greg Simmons 12:32
  3. Angel Martin 13:42
  4. BE Smith 15:02
  5. Jessie Flores 16:31
  6. Chris Elberson 16:49
  7. Laura Mayeux 19:24
  8. Lee Stevens 21:21
  9. Chris Cosse 22:00

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Don’t let race day be the first time you swim the race distance!  The 50m pool at Southside is an excellent proving ground for the River Cities Triathlon swim, so be sure to include the next time trial swim in your training:

  • Swim Time Trial #4 (800m) – July 28, 2014 6:15p