The time trial series out at the crossroads is over for 2015 and it was another successful event of watching extreme suffering (and we all know how fun that is to watch!). Forty-two individuals participated over the course of the six TT’s with three showing up for all SIX time trials….Gary Todd, Clyde Matthews, and Reggie Evans. Congrats, guys!

Attached are files (that should open in your internet browser when you click on them) with one that shows tonight’s results and another that shows everyone’s times over the course of the series along with a point system that Mike Cook came up with. I’m trying to decide if I should give out prizes based on those points. It may take me a while to figure out if anyone deserves it. Have patience with my benevolence (not sure if I used that word correctly).

I hope everyone got something out of the workouts and learned to extend their reserves as they ride fast over a set distance. You now know you can’t go all out in the first mile. You have to have something left for the sixth and seventh miles. Believe me, I enjoy watching everyone get better. I enjoy watching everyone “get it” and understanding how time trialing is an honest test of your strength and endurance….the ability to push through.

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Thanks to Mike Cook for timing and holding. Thanks, too, to Jeff Welborn, Jon Whitten, and Jonnene Moore when they were able to work the turnaround. See you out there next year!

Alan Moore

Place Name Time Pace Distance
1 Joshua Hudson 15:39.2 28.2mph 7.350
2 John Bullock 16:41.3 26.4mph 7.350
3 Gary Todd 17:12.5 25.6mph 7.350
4 Nic Burton 17:23.5 25.4mph 7.350
5 Marty Regan 17:23.5 25.4mph 7.350
6 Greg Simmons 18:36.5 23.7mph 7.350
7 Scott Rothell 18:51.5 23.4mph 7.350
8 Kelsey Regan 19:09.3 23.0mph 7.350
9 Reggie Evans 19:49.1 22.3mph 7.350
10 Tony Thornton 19:49.1 22.3mph 7.350
11 Clyde Matthews 20:01.7 22.0mph 7.350
12 Robert Reneau 20:38.9 21.4mph 7.350
13 Kenny Morrow 22:25.9 19.7mph 7.350
14 Dozer Reed 23:31.1 18.8mph 7.350
15 Scott Lerchie 25:28.9 17.3mph 7.350