Eddy Merckx Night and it was windy! Made for a tough outbound leg and the return leg had mixed messages on wind direction. It didn’t help that tropical storm Cindy is somewhere out over the horizon either!

Without aerobars:

1. Jonathan Toups, 17:32 (25.15 mph average)
2. Nic Burton, 17:43 (24.89 mph)
3. Chris Kyzar, 19:04 (23.13 mph)
4. John Kyzar, 19:48 (22.27 mph)
5. Edward Griffin, 20:05 (21.95 mph)
6. Elaine Blyzes, 21:25 (20.59 mph)
7. Doug Skelton, 21:28 (20.54 mph)
8. Ryan Zeidan, 22:08 (19.92 mph)

With aerobars:

1. John Pat Bullock, 17:58 (24.54 mph)

Our next-to-last TT of the series is Wednesday, July 5th. Bring the aero gear this time! See you out there!

-Alan Moore

Disclaimer: The Mike Simpson Crossroads Time Trial Series is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by the Sunrise Triathlon Club or any other organization or individual, nor is it a sanctioned USAT event.