We are done for 2017! The ninth and final TT run was held in VERY nice conditions for the second day of August. Nobody could complain about the weather at all with a temp of 82 and wind out of the SSE at 6 mph if that much.

1. Whitt Somerall, 15:57 (27.65 mph average)
2. Tim Perry, 16:05 (27.42 mph)
3. Taylor Hanegan, 16:13 (27.19 mph)
4. Nick Burton, 17:00 (25.94 mph)
5. Louise Smyth, 17:03 (25.86 mph)
6. Jonathan Toups, 17:05 (25.81 mph)
7. Daniel Amire-Brahimi, 17:36 (25.05 mph)
8. Grant Dona, 17:38 (25.01 mph)
9. Gerritt Moeller, 17:59 (24.52 mph)
10. Gary Todd, 18:27 (23.90 mph)
11. Kelsy Regan, 18:37 (23.69 mph)
11. Jason Zhao, 18:37* (23.69 mph)
13. Darren Rimmer, 18:38 (23.66 mph)
14. Reggie Evans, 19:14 (22.93 mph)
15. Doug Skelton, 19:34 (22.54 mph)
16. Kendal Droddy, 19:52 (22.19 mph)
16. Robert Reneau, 19:52 (22.19 mph)
18. Clyde Matthews, 22:37 (19.50 mph)

We had two guests from Monroe: Tim Perry and Grant Dona. Tim is the 2017 National Champion in Masters 55-59 Time Trial and always tries to get over our way at least once a year. He’s the fourth National TT Champ to grace our humble course (others being Kathleen Wiener, Shannon Koch, and USA TT record holder John Frey). Thanks for coming over, guys!

As always, thanks to Mike Cook for timing and holding. He still has never dropped anyone! Thanks to everybody for coming out and having a little bit of fun.

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*More impressive is that Jason overshot the turnaround and actually went over the tracks!

-Alan Moore

Disclaimer: The Mike Simpson Crossroads Time Trial Series is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by the Sunrise Triathlon Club or any other organization or individual, nor is it a sanctioned USAT event.