Results for TT #4…rain was in the area but didn’t bother us tonight. Cooler temps certainly didn’t hurt but we didn’t have many folks out for the fun.

1. Russ Walker, 16:13 (27.19 mph average)
2. Jonathan Toups, 16:31 (26.70 mph)
3. Erik Wright, 16:54 (26.09 mph)
4. Taylor Hanegan, 17:01 (25.91 mph)
5. JP Bullock, 17:38 (25.01 mph)
6. Gary Todd, 17:56 (24.59 mph)
7. Ross Dees, 19:05 (23.11 mph)
8. Reggie Evans, 20:27 (21.56 mph)

The next and final time trial of the summer is two weeks from now on Wednesday, July 25th (eleven days before the River Cities Triathlon). Hope to see you there!

Alan Moore

Disclaimer: The Mike Simpson Crossroads Time Trial Series is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by the Sunrise Triathlon Club or any other organization or individual, nor is it a sanctioned USAT event.