The fifth and final TT of 2018 went off without a hitch…at least not one I heard about….but it didn’t go off without a lot of sweating! Temp was 96F with a heat index of 103! The last few weeks have been hot and resulted in a small turnout the last couple of runs. And I can’t blame anyone for that!

1. Mat Davis, 15:19 (28.79 mph average)
2. Josh Hudson, 16:58 (26.99 mph)
3. Jonathan Toups, 17:19 (25.46 mph)
4. Louise Smyth, 17:53 (24.66 mph)
5. David Reiland, 18:00 (24.50 mph)
6. Kendal Droddy, 18:23 (23.99 mph)
7. Gary Todd, 18:29 (23.86 mph)
8. Robert Reneau, 19:05 (23.11 mph)
9. Reggie Evans, 20:00 (22.05 mph)

Many thanks to Mike Cook for timing and holding plus Jeff Wellborn and Jonnene Moore for assisting when they could. Looking forward to 2019 and maybe we can install a sunscreen the entire length of the course….or not…

Alan Moore

Disclaimer: The Mike Simpson Crossroads Time Trial Series is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by the Sunrise Triathlon Club or any other organization or individual, nor is it a sanctioned USAT event.