June 2018

2018 Mike Simpson Crossroads TT #3 Results (6/27/18)


TT #3 is done and it was hot…a little over ONE HUNDRED DEGREES HEAT INDEX AGAIN…but nothing to get excited about. In the 30+ year history of the time trial we had only our third crash (in years past Calvin Sears and Mack Evans, separately, have hit the deck). Daniel Amire took a tumble on [...]

2018 Mike Simpson Crossroads TT #3 Results (6/27/18)2018-06-28T21:26:59+00:00

2018 Mike Simpson Crossroads TT #2 Results (6/13/18)


Yeah, got Run #2 put away tonight…93 degrees F on site with a heat index of 109! Made for some hot times on the old TT course. Here’s how it panned out: 1. Mat Davis, 15:03 (29.30 mph average) 2. Jonathan Toups, 16:28 (26.78 mph) 3. Jason Weinland, 16:57 (26.01 mph) 4. Jason Gambill, 17:02 [...]

2018 Mike Simpson Crossroads TT #2 Results (6/13/18)2018-06-14T22:00:00+00:00

Results @ 2018 Sunrise Tri #2 (6/10/18)


The 2018 Sunrise Tri Series continued with Sunrise Triathlon #2 on June 10, 2018.  Whether you strived to improve on your previous performance or were participating for the fun of it, take pride and joy in your accomplishment today.  Congratulations to all the racers who endured the race and heat.  Also, THANK YOU to all [...]

Results @ 2018 Sunrise Tri #2 (6/10/18)2018-06-11T16:49:12+00:00
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