Eleven folks tested the waters and themselves in the 50 meter pool at Southside Swim Club:

Jeremy Brown 6:29.7 (1:38/100m)
Tony Thornton 7:06.7 (1:47/100m)
BE Smith 7:11.7 (1:48/100m)
Elodie Burlet 7:23.3 (1:51/100m)
Rusty Russell 7:33.7 (1:54/100m)
Justin Turner 8:05.0 (2:01/100m)
Michael Martinez 8:30.8 (2:08/100m)
Reggie Evans 8:39.7 (2:10/100m)
Craig Bush 8:54.8 (2:14/100m)
Katrina Patrick 9:23.1 (2:21/100m)
Troy Morgan 9:36.9 (2:24/100m)

Let’s try it again in a couple of weeks!