The Boot Camp at the Broadmoor Y had more that 50 participants for this week’s session and a great workout!  Next Saturday, the workout will begin with abs then break into two groups.  One group will finish the traditional boot camp with Ricky, and the other group will do an indoor bike workout.  Anyone wanting to do the bike workout will need to bring a bike, shoes, and a stationary trainer (Please bring extra bike trainers if you have them).   Around 9:00 a.m., bikes will be locked in the front office and everyone will head down to the stadium for some great track and bleacher training. When the group returns to the Y for the food and fluids, all bikes will be safe and sound and ready to be picked up.

The Broadmoor Y is offering two-hour boot camp classes every Saturday for six weeks and has generously provided the first four weeks (1/19, 1/26, 2/2, and 2/9) of this program free of charge to Sunrise members and their invited guests.  The boot camp format begins with an hour in the gym followed by an hour on the track.  The gym activities will consist of ab/core strengthening, step aerobics, stretching, weights, spin, etc.  After the indoor exercises are complete, boot camp will move outside with a short jog to Lee Hedges Stadium for track and bleacher intervals.   If you enjoy and benefit from these workouts, Sunrise encourages you to join the Y after the free four weeks to complete the program and gain full privileges to the full array of activities that they offer year round.