The Sunrise Triathlon Club is partnering with Team LaS’port Racing to offer a discounted joint membership program.  If you have not yet renewed your 2013 membership for Sunrise, you can join both clubs simultaneously for a total of $70.00 for an individual membership.  If you have already renewed your Sunrise membership for 2013 (either as an individual or as part of a family membership) you can join Team LaS’port (as an individual) for only $30.00.  These discounted membership fees are effective immediately.

Just click on the link below:

There are no further discounts offered to join LaS’port (e.g. family, student, military, senior, etc.).  In other words, each member of an existing or new Sunrise membership (individual or family) will each pay $30.00 to join Team LaS’port.  As this program develops in the future, that may become an option, but not this year.  Also, there can be no refunds for anyone who is already a member of both clubs.

Why join Team LaS’port?

Team LaS’port is primarily a road racing club; however, the training opportunities they provide are incredibly unique and valuable.  They also sponsor The Rocky Mount Road Race and Death Blow.  If you don’t know what Death Blow is, join Team LaS’port.   If you’re considering taking your cycling skills to another level, Team LaS’port can make it happen!