Our 2019 Try2Tri program will be kick starting at 6:30pm April 9th @ SportSpectrum. We will introduce you to all of our coaches that have volunteered to help.
This will be a free clinic sponsored by the Sunrise Triathlon Club in conjunction with Sportspectrum starting with an informational meeting at Sportspectrum Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Basics of swimming, biking and running will be covered during the 4-week program culminating with the Sunrise Triathlon Race # 1 on May 12, 2019 at the BPH YMCA on the riverfront. Don’t worry, we will also cover practicing the events back to back as well as transitions between the events. We might even give a few tips on nutrition and mental toughness! For the tough few that make it through the class, an awesome graduation shirt will be awarded to cherish for years to come! You can do it!


2019 Try 2 Tri Agenda:

April 9th Intro Meeting @ Sport Spectrum 6:30AM – Introduction of coaches, class overview and Q&A.

April 13th Swim Clinic @ YMCA Billiton

April 20th Bike Clinic LOCATION / TIME TBD

April 27th Run Clinic @ YMCA Billiton / TIME TBD

April 30th Transitions / Nutrution Info and Course Review LOCATION / TIME TBD

May 4th Sunrise 1 Prep Group Run Through (Short Swim, T1, Short Bike, T2, Short Run) @ YMCA BILLITON / TIME TBD