Congratulations to the Sunrise members and other locals who received awards at the 2015 USA Triathlon South Midwest Region Awards Banquet:

Triathlon (based on 2014 SMW final rankings)
Rachel Olson – 1st AG F20-24
Angel Martin – 5th AG F30-34
Ginger Spansel – 2rd AG F50-54
Allen England – 1st AG M19-under
Whit Somerall – 3rd AG M25-29
BE Smith – 2nd AG M55-59
Calvin Sears – 4th AG M55-59
Steve Rains – 4th AG M65-69

Duathlon (based on 2014 SMW final rankings)
Zofia Plummer – 1st AG F30-34
Cheryl Webb – 3rd AG F50-54
Amy Green – 4th AG F50-54
Dorie Larue – 1st AG F65-69
Chris Avery – 1st AG M30-34
Kelley Grafton – 5th AG M40-44
Eric Sullivan – 5th AG M45-49
Tony Bouso – 5th AG M55-59
Steve Rains – 1st AG M65-69

Aquabike (based on 2014 SMW final rankings)
Jay Schott – 1st AG M40-44

2014 Super Competitor Award
Male – Jay Schott

2014 Starling Award (most triathlons completed)
Male – Jay Schott (completed 30 races!)

2014 Favorite Races
Large Triathlon – River Cities Triathlon
Duathlon – Frost Yer Fanny